Entertainment Insurance

     Entertainment Insurance: We Make It Incredibly Exciting.

OK, maybe not exciting. But we do make it easy – because we understand your business. And we go out of our way to answer all your questions, suggest options and help you tailor the best plan for your projects. We know insurance and entertainment, and we go the extra mile every time.

ASIS Entertainment Insurance, a division of ASIS Financial, is your one-stop shop for:

  • Production Insurance (features, annual DICE polices, short term productions)
  • E&O Insurance
  • Rental Houses
  • Special Events (film festivals/screenings, concerts, etc.)

Just download this short term or DICE application for a free quote.

We’re also life-insurance experts, so we can help you deal with:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Key-man policies
  • Employee benefits, including health, disability and long-term care insurance

We handle personal-insurance solutions too, so you’re covered at home as well as work.

We’ve been involved in the entertainment industry since 1989 and are intimately acquainted with the production processes of film, TV, commercials and music – and the logistical and budgetary hurdles producers must clear every day.

Go ahead: Ask us anything. If we don’t have the answer at our fingertips, we’ll find it fast. We’re dedicated to putting your mind at ease.  We’ll even drop by your office to offer a complete insurance review and prepare a competitive quote.


Because insurance problems are one kind of excitement you don’t need.